Guest Speakers

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Guest speaker for July Jay Allen speaking about Melanoma in Australia

Surviving Melanoma Jay Allen is the Community Coordinator of the Melanoma Institute Australia and will speak of his personal experiences with melanoma.  In a super-human effort, Jay recently trekked 1200 km from Brisbane to Sydney in 29 days as part of The Longest Melanoma March, raising more than $250,000 along the way to support vital melanoma research.

Did you know:

• Melanoma is the third most common cancer in Australian men, after prostrate and bowel cancer.  • Melanoma is the third most common cancer in Australian women, after breast and bowel cancer.  • Melanoma represents 2% of all skin cancers, but causes 75% of skin cancer deaths.  In Australia, 1 in 14 men and 1 in 24 women will be diagnosed with melanoma sometime in their life.  While 90% of people with melanoma are able to be cured by having the primary melanoma removed through surgery, in the other 10% of cases, life-threatening spread will have already occurred.

Peter Style, Speaker Coordinator

Speaker for May John Kiely

John Kiely was appointed a crown prosecutor in 1990 and served in that role for 22 years.  Much of many peoples understanding of the role of a crown prosecutor comes from television, and John will explain some of the misconceptions which arise from that source of information.  John was involved in many high profile cases including those involving Lenny McPherson, Tom Domican in the Sayers murder, Billy and Louis Bayeh in the Cosmo conspiracy, and will highlight the background of often unpublished aspects.     Peter Style, Speaker Coordinator

Speaker February 2018

Detective Chief Inspector Gary Raymond APM OAM DCI

Raymond will speak on ‘Police Rescue’.  Gary performed 1500 rescues of which 1,000 were motor vehicle accident rescues, 200 vertical rescues and 200 suicide crisis negotiation retrievals.  He also attended searches, armed offender situations, improvised explosive device situations, industrial rescues, domestic rescues and performed duties as rescue and observation crew on the NSW Police Helicopter.  Gary comes to us a highly recommended speaker. He is a uniformed officer of the Salvation Army and in his days in the Police Rescue Squad attended many famous critical incidents including the Hilton Hotel bombing, Granville train crash and Newcastle earthquake.   Peter Style

Speaker Suggestions  January 2018

When I was asked to organise speakers for our Probus meetings, I was not sure what the objective was.  Is it to entertain? Is it to reminisce on familiar topics? Is it to reinforce existing prejudices? Is it to “educate”? Is it to broaden the range of our conversations?

Maybe there is no short answer, but I suspect that the answer is along the lines of “whatever stimulates members to come to meetings”.  Many see the speaker as the main attraction of the Seaforth monthly meetings.  But anyway we rumble along, mainly relying on suggestions from members, and it seems to work.  We are currently booked through to May 2018.  When you next hear of an interesting speaker or topic please do let me know

Peter Style, Speaker Coordinator,

0427 281 551,

November 2017


CEO Stewart House

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